Wenzhou heng machinery co., LTD relying on science and technology combined with professional advantage, professional research and development design and manufacturing related sales of complete sets of equipment; Company together for many years specializing in fluid equipment research and development design, manufacturing sales personnel, introduce advanced CNC machining equipment, absorbing foreign advanced technology and scientific management mode, and organic to foreign advanced technology and characteristics of harmony through; With a more professional technology, structure more reasonable, quality excellence, use more convenient, services more thoughtful.

Major equipment: fruit juice, jam, dairy products, tea drinks, poultry bone extract, daily chemical, honey processing and other production equipment;

Main single machine: CAM rotor pump, and sine pump, double screw pump, sanitary centrifugal pump, homogeneous emulsion pump; Gouache mixing pump, high shear emulsifying machine, emulsifying shearing pump, homogeneous emulsification mixer.

Companies with rigorous style, advanced technology, sophisticated manufacturing, create international quality professional products. Widely used with beer beverage, biological medicine, food, chemical, nano-materials, polymer materials, new energy, aerospace and other high-tech fields.

The company in line with the creation of the idea "no best, only better", the relentless pursuit of technological innovation, professional manufacturing, quality first, fast service, more outstanding achievements.

Business philosophy: innovation, quality excellence, "the United States, good faith service.