Full automatic single-jar CIP cleaning process


Composition of automatic cleaningsystem

CIP online cleaning system is referred to equipment(jar, pipe, pump, filter etc),including splashhing on surface inside with defined temperature cleaner through sealed pipes in circulation, in some time under condition that no manual disconnection or no opening of the whole stream line, so that the aim of automatic cleaning can be reached. Automatic cleaning system is composed of single or many cleaner jars, pipe, distributor, voltage plus pump, circumfluence pump, gas-drive control valve, acid-alkali measurement pump, panel heat transformer, temperature controller, electric-induced rate detector, liquid level controller, PLC touch screen and control tank,etc.

Range of application

At present, the cleaning system has been used in drink, milk, fruit juice, beer, sugar, biology pharmacy such kind of high mechanical industry. Small movable CIP system is mainly used in biology ferment and pharmacy.

Operation principle

CIP cleaning system collocates cleaner automatically and accomplishes cleaner transportation and circum-fluence claning, releasing and circulation through gas-drive control  valve, voltage plus pump, circumfluence pump and accomplishes automatic online cleaning through system composed of electric-induced rate detector, temperature controller, acid and alkali measure pump and PLC touch screen. The system can detect, record and print the time, volume and electric-induced rate of every cleaning process, at the same time, it can make sure that the cleaner’s temperature and concentration by electric-induced rate detector with no warp.


Full automatic single-jar CIP cleaning process


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